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just wanted to let you know that I’m a real person how has bought a lot of products online thinking that they will bring me money…….and to be honest most of them didn’t work at all, or didn’t live up to the ridiculous claims of the sales letter.
It seems a thought that most of these marketers haven’t even tested the products themselves, and are just out to make a commissions on people that don’t know any better.

Said…….But is the WORLD we live in…………

 I created this page to keep you informed on the products that didn’t work out for me, and have negative feedback on forums ( One of the forums that I really like WarriorForum, run by a guy that wants to help!).
It’s not right to have to buy into a product that is misleading, so I took the pleasure in showing you products that really worked for me.

            REGISTER FOR JUST $1
This product I will refer still work for me day in, and day out, so I know what I’m talking here! What I’m going to show you will be proved by others too, on videos, forums and reviews.

product that really worked for me and that helped me to gain commissions like no other program, is DotComSecrets. This is a product that gives you real satisfaction: first of all it is almost FREE, you will have to pay for membershipp only $1!!!

 On DotComSecrets you will be able to get started for just a tiny, $1.00 investment. As soon as you’ve paid that $1.00… then the challenge begins. Everyday for the next 30 days, you will get a private video from me. That video will be short – normally 10-15 minutes long. It will tell you ONE task to complete (usually only 15-30 minutes worth of time). And then your done…
Just to see that the people from there are for real they will give you access to a membership site from where you will gain money. I’m using this program for almost 3 years and I’m not going to leave it!

You should try it!

There are many suggestions available online on how to start you own online business. And DotComSecrets X can be called a compilation of all these suggestions. These suggestion are very original ones given by the famous Russell Brunson.

My Advice to You……

Most people that try to make money online fail, because they hop from product to product. If you find a product that works than you should stick with it delivers the type of results you are looking for. If you found a program that made you $400 per month than replicate it until you reach your desired goal.



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    June 2012

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